R e c o r d i n g s


Görkem Ağar’s first album “Evde” features his piano compositions and arrangements. The name of the album Evde (At Home), derived from the name of the place where he creates his pieces and where he performs them under the name of Evde Konser (Concert at Home). Each of the pieces has dramatic stories that visualize a movie scene. Alongside his contemporary classical music compositions, the album includes two famous Turkish folk music arrangements called Çanakkale Türküsü and Cemilem. Also, Ağar performed his arrangement on Izmir March which he tells the story of Turkish War of Independence and performed his 4 variations on the theme of Turkish National Anthem. On the other hand, one of two arrangements originated from Brazil takes the audience to a Brazilian carnival and the other one brings two Brazilian songs (Berimbau and Mas Que Nada) to Istanbul. The album has a wide spectrum of genres includes minimalism, jazz, folk music, and classical music. You can download the booklet here in order to see the stories and descriptions of the pieces.

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